My research consists in finding a pictorial vocabulary with which I will be able to communicate my emotions of the moment to the spectator and this, without putting any barrier to the techniques, to the mediums as well as to the supports used.

I work mainly with acrylic paint, ink, charcoal and permanent pencils.

I use different media such as canvas, paper, cardboard, vinyl and I also explore clay sculpture and linocut.

The majority of my work is done at night: this is where my inspiration is at its best.

Very young, I had the chance to explore photography. I remember trying to balance the light, the subject, and how to frame my intentions.

Some years later, I practiced the theater: it was for me a way to put in images a text followed.

In the early 1990s, I discovered an interest in music and composition: bringing together sound, words and images brings me great pleasure.

At the end of 1990 at the beginning of 2000, I received as a gift an Indian ink pen, which encourages me to practice drawing.

My work focuses more and more on the details and the movements of the image.
My goal then was to leave a trace of life, of movement on a virgin and motionless surface.

In 2002, I go from drawing to painting and paper is now replaced by canvas.

I am interested in history and the artists who have made history in art. These have served me as guides in my own artistic approach.

Being a self-taught artist, I am happy to imagine having studied with: Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Gustave Klimt, Joan Miro, Alfred Pellan, Mark Rothko, Pierre Alechinsky, Marcelle Ferron and Jean-Paul Riopelle, to to name only those.

What I remember from these artists is above all their great determination. Thanks to them, I find myself thinking differently.

I realize more and more that the techniques are as limitless as the media used, which opens up new horizons. This is how my learning is connected.

I have now realized that the work I am trying to achieve is no longer just a painting or a sculpture, but rather a collection of works that, over time, will become a kind of diary of my own life.

I invite you to discover in pictures a part of my approach. Good visit …

Marco Henrie